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Tracie McKinney

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"Tracie is kind, passionate & excited to help you on your journey. Not only is she amazing at her job, but her hardwork shows in every step she makes. If you want someone who is on your side, pick Tracie."

- Jessa Rodriguez, Photographer

Meet the Owner & Founder

of DLM Legendary Credit Consultants

My company was launched as a result of my own lack of knowledge. I never knew credit played such an important role in our lives. I was never taught the importance of this information.


It is necessary to put our education back into our hands. I’ve met so many individuals from urban communities who are not knowledgeable of the importance of good credit or budgeting. 

I know because I was one of them.


Past statistics have shown 68 million Americans had a credit score of less than 600. This is an alarming number. I want to see doors open for you, just like they did for me.


A passion sparked inside of me to help others to not only obtain good credit, but to also educate them on how to keep it. Embark on a journey to

a life you deserve. It is liberating!

Tracie McKinney

Owner / Founder

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